"Thirty-Seven Years of Professional Carving"

"I look at life as a series of metaphors. Metaphors can be like visual models that can help us in the understanding of our placement in life when overlayed onto varied environments . They can act as visual schematics. I feel symbology is an important part of the human experience. We can anchor ourselves to images to make changes in our lives or to remind us of what is most important. There have been past civilizations that have used visual models/symbols to move the whole culture in a new direction. In fact, on a more detailed level, there are certain civilizations where the simple curve of a line dictated the characteristic of an entire period of time. The Renaissance was such a time... where the design of a curved line represented the feeling of the whole culture."

Calvo Studio is dedicated to the fine art of woodcarving as sculpture. Working with his hand forged tools and his artistic vision, David Calvo creates works of art in the natural warmth of Wood. Whether it is three-dimensional or relief, his carving style is to use contrast in material to provoke a feeling in the observer. The warmth of wood he feels, like a violin in a orchestra, has the ability to touch a cord of feeling in the human experience. He sculpture designs range from abstract to figurative and he feels that wood sculptures have the ability to add the human touch to any environment.

Calvo Studio also makes strong statements of art in Bronze Sculpture. A much more masculine material, bronze can make dynamic statements in the full spectrum of human emotion. Bronze sculpture is a multi-step process. The model is intially created and refined in clay. The next steps involve rubber molds, plaster casts and a wax which brings us to the final process, casting into silicon bronze. Bronze is a material that can be used wonderfully in both abstract works of art as well as the human form to tell a story. Finally, in the finishing process, the use of appropriate patinas adds the touch of bringing out the beauty of bronze in all of its many color variations.

Calvo Studio feel that elegant and skillfully done sculpture in the environments we inhabit can remind each of us of the beauty of life and living. The metaphors of sculpture can also through imagery, reinforce values and character. Portfolio available upon request to interior designers, architects and private clients. We welcomes your inquiries.

Calvo Studio 235 East Main St. Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930
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