"Thirty years of professional carving"

Architectural Woodcarving

Hand Carved Sculpture Relief Over Fireplace Mantel

The client called and asked me to see the entry way to their house which had this fireplace right as you opened the door. I came up with a drawing and gave some thought to the challenges of a vanishing point and foreshortening in wood. I showed the idea to the client and they liked it. A couple of months later they called and asked if I could get it done by their daughter's wedding at the end of the summer. I said that I could but would rather get it to them by Thanksgiving which they agreed too. On Thanksgiving morning, I called and asked what time they were having dinner. I said I would be there in the morning. We showed up and installed the piece. Both husband and wife came in from the living room, looked at the piece and exclaimed, "It looks like it has always been there". I absolutely agreed with their assessment. It was carved in three inch air dried white oak which lended itself to the wooden boat in the relief and also blended perfectly with all the oak decor in their home.