"Thirty-Seven Years of Professional Carving"
Architectural Wood Carving: Trinity College
Christ Church Organ Baltimore, Maryland
 Architectural Wood Carving Park Plaza, Boston MA
Carved Ornamental Column
Carved Ornamental Column

Architectural Carved Ornament

The skill of carving wood ornament is a careful art. Often when clients approach our studio and think of ornamentation they envision old Queen Ann or Victorian style wood carving with motifs of yesteryear. One of the most important ideas that we at Calvo Studio try to communicate is that wood carved ornament can be classical or absolutely contemporary in style. It is like the alphabet where letters organized into words had been used to create the classic literature of the past. The same alphabet is used today to make contemporary statements of literature as well. The same is true of wood carving. It is an alphabet that can write contemporary prose that speaks to our design senses of today. Wood carved ornamentation, in many respects, is like the signature of a room. It can create the personality, whether it is motifs on kitchen cabinets, carved fireplace mantel, ceiling beams or details in select areas around a room. The details can be elegant or whimsical, the key is that they add a complementary personal contrast to a room or environment. In simple design theory, straight geometrical lines of the room elegantly contrast the curves on which wood carving design is built on. One accents the other like a sunset at the ocean, where the light is even more spectacular because it is reflecting off the water.

Calvo Studio can address your artistic architectural or whimsical needs. We will meet with both you and your architect or designer and explore the possiblities to enhance your environment with wood carved details. All said and done, our first priority is to take into consideration the character of a room and how to complement it. Second, and most importantly, is the question of what imaginative themes are important to you the client. These can be nonrelated to architecture details, but knowing this we can personalize the room by weaving these themes into the new carved wood motifs. We can also work with contrasting woods (for example: alder or white oak against walnut) which can add a contemporary touch and bring out the natural warmth of different types of wood. Basically, the imaginative possibilities are unlimited.

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