Calvo Studios Wood Carving DVD Series

Learn Wood Carving Video Series

Calvo Wood Carving DVD Series

Here is a wood carving instruction video series that addresses the sharpening of wood carving tools as well as mastering hand techniques in wood carving


Wood Carving Video: Hand Technique

Wood Carving Video: Hand Technique

Here is a comprehensive hour and a half instruction wood carving video which covers all aspects of sharpening and redesigning your store bought wood carving tools. First in order is the redesigning your tool edges, learn how to establish inside bevel so that you have the versatility and ability to use "the contrast" within the same tool to create both concave and convex shapes. This style of tool design is used in the European woodcarving traditions. Towards that end, we will also learn how to redesign the edges of your wood carving tools on a variety of electric grinders that are on the market. We discuss and demonstrate how to use hand water slipstones to sharpen the variety of gouges in your carving tool collection. This is key because it adds to the longevitiy of your tool life with the shortest amount of effort to keep your tools sharp. I use a hand technique that was taught to me by my german teacher who went throught the European apprenticeship system so it is a time tested approach. Also in an effort to cover all sharpening methods we will also address honing and sharpening tools on hard buffing wheels with different rogues. This technique is valuable but it does not give you the degree of control you get from hand slipstone sharpening. In woodcarving we are looking for the ability to "bite" with your carving tool instead of "skating" as you carve through the wood. As you will see, sharpening your tools correctly for wood carving is absolutely critical for tool control and ease of carving because it is the only thing between you and your wood carving project. NO FOR SALE YET- STILL IN POST PRODUCTION

Presale Price: $48.95



Wood Carving Video: Hand Technique

Understanding the grain of the wood is critical for carving because the woodcarver is constantly addressing the grain direction from different angles. Here is the second instruction video in this wood carving series on understanding how to work with grain direction. In wood carving, the wood you choose is like a dance partner, hence you always need to be sensitive to your approach and carve accordingly. We also address the anatomy and structure of wood; knowing how it grows really helps you carve better. In this video, I use a unique exercise I call the grain wheel that familiarizes you with all aspects of dealing with the grain. This exercise also then becomes "The Woodcarver's Compass" which is valuable as an reference for carving the Fleur-di-les as well as any other future projects until grain direction is second nature to your wood carving technique. NO FOR SALE YET- STILL IN POST PRODUCTION

Presale Price: $40.00


Wood Carving Video: Hand Technique

Hand techiques are an essential part of the learning how to carve. Woodcarving is in part like a sport. In tennis, you need to learn how to hold the tennis racket correctly in woodcarving this position is what I call the cradle position. In addition, like any sport, you learn how to incorporate your body into your carving technique as well. Once you understand grain patterns from the Grain Wheel exercise then this third instruction video is a step by step tutorial using the fleur di les as a carving project to teach technique. This project encompasses all aspects of your hand technique in wood carving. I can easily say that every thing I do on my largest projects in terms of technique approach from the beginning to the end, I have to do on the fleur as well so this makes it an excellent starting project for the student. In addition to hand techniques, you learn the visual mapping steps to show you how to move through the project. I also address what I call the "concave-convex road map" all important informatin for the beginner carver. NO FOR SALE YET- STILL IN POST PRODUCTION

Presale Price: $40.00

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