"Thirty years of professional carving"

Pipe Organ Ornamental Impost (The facade pipes sit on top of this)

This is part of the Baltimore Organ with carved lettering and ornamental detailing.

Christ Church Organ Baltimore, Maryland. This was a wonderful project to be involved in. Our studio helped in the design process of the facade of the organ in addition to designing and carving the pipe organ screens. The project was carved in white oak which is traditional in many church settings. As you can see from the pictures there were carved finials, carved angels and ornamental carved screens. We also did some carving on the impost as well. The organ above has a mirror organ that stands across from it. In addition, there is a third organ in the balcony that is also dressed with carved finials and screens. This church is truly a concert hall with an exceptional organ with all stops pulled. (pun intended) We were proud of the design and the finish product.(click on screens below)