"Thirty years of professional carving"

We started with the Fireplace but ended up on the Ceiling

This client asked me to come and take a look at a job. They had a wonderful tudor house on the water. They showed me a fireplace that they had bought in New Hampshire and asked me if I could trim out the inside with some carved ornament. As I was wandering through the home renovation they were doing I notice that they were constructing some new drop beams in the ceiling in another room in typical tudor design style. I suggest two things. I thought that it was not advantagous to add ornament to the interior of the fireplace because wood carving tends to work better as a crowning effect rather than dropping to the floor. Secondly, I suggested that we take some of the carving motifs that were already on the mantel and add them to the ceiling panels on the beams. For the time spent he results would tie together the renovation design and the salvaged carved oak mantel. In the end, it looked like the mantel was custom made for the house.