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January 6, 2018

Welcome to Calvo Woodcarving School

Dear Wood Carving Enthusiast,

One of the highlights of my year is always teaching woodcarving to you in all its varied forms. I enjoy it almost as much as you do and i look forward to seeing each of you.

Let me tell you a little about my school and what separates my classes from others?  First, my training is very unique and formal in the traditional sense.  Second, I am very strong on teaching the fundamentals.  The basics of woodcarving can be demonstrated in the same way that a tennis coach is primarily interested in the ball volley of his student. The tennis volley is as key to the game of tennis,... as the technique, tool sharpness, body posture and visual mapping are key to the skill of woodcarving.  Tennis players are always trying to improve their basic volley. The same is true in woodcarving technique for the woodcarver.

To quote a student:

"In the course of the carving class David slowly exposed us to complex theories of Art and Design, almost incidentally, leading me down the road to understanding with an easy deep flow like the Gloucester tides. We started each day with a "Camp Fire" where carving concepts were discussed. Concepts such as light and shadow contrasts, concave as opposed to convex forms, highs and lows in the carving, all in easy to digest plain language approach. Intricacies such as grain direction made understandable by the Grain Compass. Stance and tool control, arms position, use of both hands, and leg position to guide tools along the projected path were made simple to grasp by David's easy style."

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate student there are always new challanges to bring you to a new level of learning and accomplishment. I try to address these challenges in the varied carving classes I put together for you. Each year I make a conscious effort to make my classes better and more fulfilling. I always look for new ways to say or demonstrate something that helps you move forward. In the end, I really enjoy seeing the smile on your face as you start to share the same enthusiasm I have for woodcarving.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call.

Warmest regards,     

David Calvo

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