"Thirty years of professional carving"

Hand Wood Carved Signs

The client came with the simple request, they wanted a black swan painted on the sign. I replied, "Why don't we just make a swan". She looked at me and her eyes lit up. "Great idea," she exclaimed, "It just needs to be feminine and demure." "Demure?" I said. So I came up with a design, showed it to her and she liked it. When I carved the swan and got it to a recognizable stage, I asked her to come to the studio to take a look at it. She said that she loved it. During the final assembly it came to my attention to carve an egg and put it inside the swan, then there would be absolutely no gender confusion. After it was painted and finished, I called her and said that not only was it feminine and demure, it was also pregnant as well. She just thought that was the greatest thing and gave her a story to tell all her customers for years to come.