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Calvo Studio offers the highest quality German wood carving tools with a Rockwell hardness test of 61. I had been looking for a tool manufacturer for a long time that represents the quality of my inherited professional tools from long ago. These wood carving chisels and gouges have the two most important qualites that define a great tool. The first is a good tool design; important in how the wood carving tool moves and controls through the wood. The majority of wood carving tools on the market today use a tool forging process has thinned out the tool design too much. I always tell my wood carving students that a razor blade is the "definition of sharpness" but it is completely useless in wood carving. The second characteristic these tools deliver is a good sustaining keen edge that can make that perfect thin wood curl. Most tools on the market use an inferior tool steel to lower production costs; however, great tool steel is of absolute importance to create the best quality for a wood carving tool edge.

In the old days, when an interested student went into a carving studio to see if he had ambition to carve, the master carver would put one of his own tools in the eager hands of the beginner so that he could feel how a well made carving tool gracefully travels through the wood. You will be extremely happy with the quality of these wood carving tools. The tools are still made at the original manufacturing location in Germany. In my twenty-seven professional years, all the wood carving tool brands on the market have passed through my hands. These tools stand above all others.

To order an essential woodcarving set (pictured above); click on the online wood carving store. The basic beginners includes ten chisels and gouges that are hand selected from the total Two Cherry chisel and gouge inventory. They are the ones I most often use and have been my favorites throughout my professional carving career. Also included is one 1.5 lbs Calvo Brass mallet, a carving tool roll, two japanese water slipstones (1000 grit), two japanese water slipstones (4000 grit), a set of four japanese waterstone files (1000), two background stamps for contrast texturing and a beautiful hand made carver's whisk broom; good for clearing stray ends, and more importantly, burnishing finished projects. To purchase an advance wood carving tools you can select from the whole Two Cherry inventory (click on the acrobat file below). If you are interested in an advance set please call for more info. These wood carving tools and taking my carving classes or using the DVD instructional videos will give you the tool quality and information necessary to start to build a good foundation of carving skills for years of enjoyment.

Please feel free to call with your questions. Calvo Wood Carving Studio Tel. 978-283-0231


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