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I have been carving for 31 years. Have taught woodcarving for carving twenty of them.

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Donor Plaques

Here is one of the finished plaques. It is in white oak for Trinity College with carved incised lettering.

Donor Plaques

I have had a lot of donor plaques lately. Work often comes into my studio like a flock of birds that land on a tree; unprovoked and unsolicited. Then, all of the sudden they seem fly away and are gone. Some projects come as groups for no reason that I can logically think of except for the odd observation that they came as a group.

Woodcarving Blog Statement of Purpose

Wood Carving has been a big part of my life, much more than a profession it has been a way that I explore beauty.  It is my hope that this blog will be a format for my students to interact with each other and myself on an ongoing bases so that encouragement is always nearby.